Liquid damaged mac and laptop Repair


What is the Problem?


The liquid spillage is one of the common issues that effects the functionality of the laptop and it's usually cause and expensive repair. The electronic PCB on laptops and MAC computers aren't water resistance and any contact of water or any other liquid can cause a serious damage to the PCB board. The other component like keyboard and trackpad on laptops are also so sensitive against the liquid and usually after a drop of liquid they will stop working. The Battery also may be affected by liquid.


What is the Repair Process?

The first step of repair is the diagnosis to find out how far the liquid has gone through.

The second step is the clean-up. If the motherboard (logicboard on Mac Laptops) has got liquid on it we use ultrasonic clean-up process to make sure all liquid remains will be removed from PCB board. After the clean up process our engineering team will inspect the areas on the board which had liquid on it to find out the damaged components and replace them and also find out any weak or damaged connections and re-solder them.

The final step is testing the board altogether with the other parts. In this step if we find out any part (i.e. keyboard, trackpad or battery) had damaged from liquid we need to replace them. Finally our quality control team will test the machine altogether to make sure the repair is stable or if there are unseen issues with the machine.

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