Motherboard Repair

What is the Repair Process?

In order to ensure we are one of the best repair centres, we constantly strive to get cutting edge equipments. Each engineer in our hardware team has sets of Solder Wire and Irons.Different Chips require different thickness of Solder wire. We also just use lead-free solder wires.

In high-temperature soldering, the primary purpose of Flux is to prevent oxidation of the base and filler materials. Tin-lead solder, for example, attaches very well to copper, but poorly to the various oxides of copper, which form quickly at soldering temperatures. 

Flux is a substance which is nearly inert at room temperature, but which becomes strongly reducing at elevated temperatures, preventing the formation of metal oxides. flux also acts as a wetting agent in the soldering process, reducing the surface tension of the melted solder and made joints much stronger.

When it comes to SMD Integrated Chips we need to us a SMD rework station. These Chips then to have multiple contact all around it. Therefore we decided to issue all our engineers with the Best rework station on the Market.
Finally, the most difficult repair in market at the moment is BGA chip failure. You would notice it as your laptop turns on and you do not have a display. This is because, VGA Graphics chip are BGA (Ball Grid Array), the Chip has connectors underneath rather than on the side like SMD chips. Therefore, you can not use a Soldering Iron nor a SMD rework Station.

We are one of the few repair centres with BGA Rework Station in their repair centres. This unit can remove any chip including Southbridge / Northbridge controller and VGA graphics chips. With this Rework station we are able to repair laptops where others fail.

Remember, if you laptop turns with no display or you have bad display on its time to bring  the laptop to us.

We fix 90% of BGA failures, with the success rate growing ever more. Do not send your machine with this problem to any repair centre without this equipment, as there is a strong possibility that the machine will be tampered with to the point where it will be beyond economical repair.

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