What can we do?

Royal computer software engineers are at your service to meet all your computer software problem like operating system installation, software installation, registry clean up, OS upgrades, office upgrades, email configuration, email send and receive errors and so on. Royal computer established in Central London and we cover West, South West and Central London. We have access to a large number of the software providers to meet your business requirements.

Why you need us?

In the years since our foundation, we have experienced many different difficulties in software installation and diagnosis and we learned how to overcome those issues. From OS installation for a large number of computers to the server installation and configuration whether yours is a small or medium size business or home user with single computer we can take care of the problem on site or take the machine to our fully equipped workshop to carry on the repair service and deliver it back to you.

When the hard disks crash on machine, Installing a fresh OS cannot be done, with hard disk replacement you will lose your recovery partition and you won’t be able to recovery your machine from system image and most of the time the recovery disks are obsolete and installing an updating the OS could be a disaster specially when it comes to machines which are couple of years old. In these cases we can help you to get your machine back to fully working condition in peace of mind.

If your machine is too slow or system is not responding and you are getting so many error messages maybe it’s time to get a fresh OS. We will check your computer at our workshop to make sure there are no hardware issues on the computer, then we check for the reasonable upgrades for your machine and finally we install a fresh OS on your machine with your own license and we load latest drivers with basic software and a free antivirus.

We have a professional team to find out the computer software issues and resolve the problems if you have specific software to avoid system re-installation if it’s possible.