How to make the computer run faster?

Jan 28

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The computers are highly being used at home and work place in these days. Having a slow computer can be very frustrating and could have negative impact on the productivity. Like any machine, computers require consistent regular maintenance in order keep them running at peak performance and if there is a fault in any part it should be repaired or replaced for keeping high usability.

Here is a step by step list of tasks to perform the maintenance on the computer:

The first step is analyzing the computer and looking for any hard drive and/or memory faults that may cause the problem.  This step is important to be done before any other steps because if there are any faults in your hardware running the other scans may corrupt your valuable data.  

The next task is the temporary files clean-up. There are lots of shadow images and temporary internet and program files which removing them could save the space.

The next task is to clean up the registry. This step requires knowledge about the computer registry. Using the registry software like ccleaner could help cleaning the registry but it also may damage registry file. If you have not any idea about the registry you may end up doing more harm to computer and making it unstable.

The next step is to clean up any unnecessary programs, toolbars, etc. The toolbars usually used for advertisement and they just slow down your browsing experience. So as part of repair we will make sure to get rid of them.

The next step is cleaning the unnecessary computer programs. Sometimes when you install a software package especially when they are free software, they will also install couple of other software package with them to cover their costs. This will make your computer end up with lots of unwanted software after a while and it may slow down your computer. We will remove those unwanted software packages as part of our service.

Another major reason for having slow computer is viruses, Trojans, worms and other kind of malwares. We will scan your computer through for any viruses and we remove them if there are any.

On the next step we perform is start up optimization. In this step we determine which software would take the time of the start-up and we disable them if they are unnecessary.

And finally we check for any possible upgrades to make sure your computer is capable of running all the recent software smoothly. This upgrade could be as simple as ram upgrade to processor or even hard drive upgrade to a solid state drive.

It’s all done. Your computer will be fast and will work fine.

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