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Jan 31

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Windows 8 at first glance may seem like a nice upgrade, with very different approach to previous operating systems from Microsoft such as new Start screen, applications, Charms and more. Unlike the interface the mechanics haven’t changed quite so much. So if your programs and applications were compatible with Windows 7, then there’s a good chance they’ll be compatible with windows 8 operating system, too.

The operating system can help you understand and resolve many other annoying, intermittent problems, such as programs that crash or display error messages. And best of all, new troubleshooting tools can restore even some unbootable Windows 8 PCs back to full health at the click of a button.

Where’s the installed program?

Without start menu, the first challenge in running any particular program under Windows 8 desktop mode could be locating it. If you know the program’s name then you may be able to launch it from the Run box, just as before. To use Notepad, for instance, hold down the Windows key and press R key while you pressing the windows key, then type Notepad and press Enter on your keyboard. The new Search tool is even more powerful, however. At the Start screen, simply begin typing the name of your application and Windows 8 will list all potential matches. Click the relevant tile to load your program. Alternatively, move your mouse cursor to the top-right corner of the screen and click the Search Charm (or hold down the Windows key and press Q). Again, just start typing the program name and Windows will list all your matches.


How to run a program as administrator?

What if you try to start a program and it doesn’t work? This sometimes happens with new versions of Windows. Some programs, such as security tools are most unlikely to run until they’ve been specifically updated to support Windows 8. And if the program performs some critical task you might not want to force it to run. If there is a subsequent problem, perhaps the backups don’t work, that could become a real disaster. If the program is something less vital, though, perhaps a game, one simple trick you could try is to run it as an administrator. This gives the program extra security rights and can solve many odd problems. Just right-click the application’s Start screen tile and select “Run as administrator”.


Program compatibility trouble-shooter

If your program still won’t launch, or a message appears that says it won’t run on this version of Windows, there is another option you can try: the Program Compatibility Trouble-shooter. At the Start screen, type Control to launch the Search tool, and click Control Panel. Select Category in the ‘View by’ list, click ‘Programs’ and ‘Run programs made for previous versions of Windows’. The trouble-shooter will now appear a clever wizard that can help you solve many problems. Click next and it will start by listing your installed applications.

If your faulty program is listed, choose it and click next. Otherwise, click Not listed, then Next, then Browse and navigate to the program’s executable file – the Program Files, or Program Files (x86) folders are good places to start looking. Highlight the program file and click OK to continue.

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