Laptop screen repair and possible issues

Jun 17

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The screen repair in most of the laptops isn't a complex service if you know how to do it. It's as easy as replacing headlight on a car but if you don't have technical experience you can easily damage the screen cable, wireless antenna, webcam or in some cases break the hinges or the bezel. There are lots of videos on youtube about how to replace the screen but you need to make sure the process is for your laptop and you understand the whole process. 

While screen replacement for most of PC laptops are easy to do, it's more complicated for mac computer. In most of the Mac laptops there are no screws to be opened and the screen is fitted by a very strong double-sided tape. Removing the protection layer and replacing the screen is a very sensitive process and  it's better not to get involved with it unless you know exactly what you are doing .

Screen replacement for tablet computers is also a very sensitive process.  You will certainly break something if it's the first time you want to replace the screen on tablet unless you have enough technical experience. We have the parts to repair screens for IPad 2, IPad 3, IPad 4 and IPad Air tablets and it's our job to fit them on your tablet professionally.

The other delicate process we offer is screen replacement for MacBook air laptops. Again the parts on these laptops are very sensitive and expensive and if you don't have experience you will damage the internal parts.

In total if you are a technical person and you want to save some money on screen replacement for some original PC laptops you can spend some time on reading the instructions and do it by yourself. However for slim laptops and MAC computers and tablets it's better not to get involved in something which will bring you hassle and you might end up paying more to fix it properly.

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