IPad screen repair or replacement challenges

Aug 11

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You might have seen lots of videos on the YouTube about changing the IPad glass but when it comes to real life there are challenges to be faced. The main challenge on IPad screen repairs is how to get the glass off without damaging the cables on the IPad.

The IPad digitizer glass is attached to the aluminium housing by a very strong double-sided tape.  Part of this glass also keeps the Wi-Fi antenna, 3G antenna and the on/off button cable attached to the glass. So when you want to take the glass off there is a possibility of breaking those cables.

Fortunately most of the parts for the IPad 2, IPad 3, IPad 4 and IPad Air are available on the market and they aren’t expensive. But as they are tiny and attached to the housing by the double-sided tape changing them is very hard and time consuming.

The next challenge you might face when you want to replace the glass is usually that the glass isn’t broken the way you see on the videos on the YouTube. In real world the housing is usually bended when the IPad is dropped and the screen is shattered. Taking the shattered screen is very hard as you need to take the glass piece by piece. Especially when the damage is close to the cables area taking it out is very hard and even experts damage the cables. Damaging cables on the IPad means at least 30 minutes engineering work to fit the new one if you are experienced. For most people it will take considerably more and they may damage other parts or the connection on the board as well.

After taking the glass off the tablet the next challenge is fitting the new glass on the IPad. The new glass doesn’t usually come with the home button and camera shield. You need to take those parts out of the old one and fit it in. You need to make sure there are no small glass pieces; otherwise if you put the new digitizer it will break in no time. If the corners are deformed, you might need to cut or form the corners to be able to put the new glass in.

Additionally, you need to make sure through the whole process not to scratch the internal screen and to make sure no dirt, finger prints or dust remain between the internal screen and the glass.

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