Repairing Liquid Damaged Devices

May 12

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One of the most common issues which a lot's of users might face is spilling liquid on the laptop. We usually use our laptops at home, on our bedroom or in the office and we like to get a nice cup of coffee and suddenly it slips and the liquid goes in to the laptop. There are different symptoms we might see after the incident. The laptop might work without any problem, the keyboard or trackpad might stop working or in worst case the laptop won’t switch on. The next step we might do is to search online to find a solution. One of the myth we will find out is to put the laptop in pile of rice and let it dry for 48 hours. We don’t advise to do this it’s not going to work. The best thing is to take the battery out, don’t connect the charger and don’t try to turn it on. If liquid went through your laptop even if you could dry it, it will leave stain which you can’t get rid of without opening the laptop. If you do so you might cause more damage. One certain thing is the laptop has to be cleaned from liquid, inside and outside. You probably can clean the outside by using the kitchen towel but you don’t have access to the internal parts. We don’t recommend to hope its ok and keep using the laptop. The sooner you take it for clean-up and repair the chance of repair will be higher and the cost of repair is lower.

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